Debian Extended LTS by Freexian

This service extends security support for old Debian releases up to 10 years, albeit only on the subset of packages used by the customers of this service.


This service extends security support for old Debian releases up to 10 years. It is an extension of the regular Debian LTS support offer which contributes to security support during the first 5 years and is made possible thanks to the same set of Debian contributors.

To make Extended LTS possible and sustainable, there are supplementary restrictions compared to regular LTS:

  • we support only the packages used by the customers
  • we provide updates for a limited set of architectures (at least amd64, others can be added on request)
  • we support the Linux kernel only with a backport of a newer kernel version

Customers are invoiced twice a year for the amount needed to support their packages.

Releases supported

Each Debian release has some peculiarities in terms of support, open the associated page to discover them:

Request a quote

Organizations interested in getting security support for Debian 8/9/10 should get in touch with us at with the subscription form filled (even if not yet signed) and with the list of source packages that they want to see supported in each of those Debian releases (see instructions here for how to build those package lists).

We will get back to you with a quote detailing the cost of support for the upcoming semester and each of the following ones too. You will also have a file highlighting the packages that we can’t support and/or that require special attention. More information about this on our ELTS cost estimation model page.