Debian GNU/Linux

The Debian project is an association of individuals who aim to create the best free operating system. This system is called “Debian GNU / Linux” because it is based on the Linux kernel and many free software projects from GNU.

The project brings together more than 1,000 volunteer developers around two foundation documents that emphasize the commitment to providing a service of quality to its users.

This Linux distribution is a reference. Many professionals use Debian due to its reputation of quality and reliability. The organization as a community of volunteers explains why there's no marketing in the media and the general public's relative lack of knowledge about the project. The Ubuntu distribution—which derives from Debian—is more widely known thanks to the efforts of Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu).

Freexian proposes to act as an intermediary to all those who need a commercial company to facilitate their interaction with the Debian project.

Find more information on Debian's website and follow the Debian news on Raphaël Hertzog's blog. You can also subscribe to his Debian newsletter.