Debian Long Term Support

Traditionally, Debian manages security support of a given stable release until the next stable release plus one year. Roughly, this amounts to 3 years which is not enough for many organizations and does not allow to deploy version N+2 once N is no longer supported. The Debian LTS team wants to fix this by extending the security support of Debian releases to at least 5 years:

support periods of Debian releases

To achieve this goal, and properly cover all Debian packages, Freexian organizes a corporate sponsorship campaign with the goal of funding the equivalent of a full time position that will in fact be split over multiple Debian contributors who are established as independent workers. Here is a (manually updated) progress bar showing the current funding level (it is a number of hours per month, with an hourly rate of 85 EUR/hour):

50% (Half-time)
74.86% (131.75 h)

If you are not yet convinced, here are seven reasons why you should help fund the Debian Long Term Support initiative (LTS):

  1. Ensure that the packages that you rely on get priority in terms of security support;
  2. Ensure that security updates will not generate regressions in your production infrastructure by providing functional tests to run before release;
  3. Benefit from direct contact to the LTS staff in case of specific queries and requests;
  4. Influence future developments made by the sponsored developers so that Debian continues to fit your needs;
  5. Generate goodwill among the free software community thanks to your appearance in the list of sponsors;
  6. Even if you do not use Debian 7 currently, you ensure that Debian 8 and Debian 9 will also benefit from long term support. If Debian 7 LTS cannot be funded, it is unlikely that Debian 8/9 LTS will happen;
  7. Benefit from the experience of people from other Debian-using companies thanks to a private mailing list.

Join the initiative now!

It's easy: pick a funding level in the table below, download the subscription form, fill it and send it back to

Funding level (time per month) 15 min.30 min.1 h.2 h.3 h.4 h.6 h.1 day2 days3 days
Benefits (details)
Packages to prioritizeWeighted on the amount sponsored
Thanked as sponsor: Bronze SilverGold Platinum
Private mailing list
Direct contact to LTS staff
Submit your own test cases
Monthly payment (in EUR) N/A€255€340€510 €680€1360€2040
Quarterly payment (in EUR)N/A€255 €510€765€1020€1530€2040 €4080€6120
Biyearly payment (in EUR)N/A€255€510 €1020€1530€2040€3060€4080 €8160€12240
Yearly payment (in EUR)€255€510€1020 €2040€3060€4080€6120€8160 €16320€24480

Once you have submitted your subscription form, Freexian will prepare an invoice and send it to you for immediate payment. For companies in SEPA countries, payment by SEPA Direct Debit is preferred. For other countries, PayPal subscriptions offer a convenient way to automate the payments (see forms below). In both cases, traditional wire transfers are also possible (IBAN+BIC are on the invoice).

Monthly subscriptionQuarterly subscription
Biyearly subscriptionYearly subscription

More details please

If you want to know more about this initiative, check out this page. It gives the context on the Debian side as well as supplementary information about the benefits. The FAQ will also try to clear up any doubt that you might have.

Progress reports

Even though the target has not yet been reached, the project is underway. Freexian is paying Debian contributors to work on Debian LTS and they are doing their best to keep the packages used by sponsors of this initiative as secure as possible. Checkout Freexian's monthly reports on Raphaël Hertzog's blog.

Contributing companies and organizations

We would like to thank all entities that contribute towards Long Term Support of Debian 7 “Wheezy” and future releases.

Platinum level

Gold level

Silver level

Bronze level


Although the aim of those contracts is to fund work time to Debian developers, those contracts are managed by Freexian and not by Software in the Public Interest (the legal entity representing the Debian project).