PHP extensions updated (July 2022)

News about update PHP extensions (July 2022)

Dear all,

here’s an update about the work that has been done on the external (not bundled in the main PHP packages) PHP extensions:

Several PHP extensions have been updated to the latest upstream version:

  • php-mcrypt - Updated to 1.0.5
  • php-pecl-http - Updated to 4.2.3
  • php-protobuf - Updated to 3.21.3
  • php-swoole - Updated to 4.8.10

As part of the process, the php-pecl-http has been already split into three distinct source package (one for PHP 5.6, one for PHP 7.x and the main package that supports only PHP 8.x). The same procedure has now been applied to php-protobuf and php-msgpack extensions. If you are using the binary package, you shouldn’t notice any difference apart from a new epoch (1:<ver>) for the packages for the older PHP versions. This is needed to correctly upgrade php5.6-protobuf_3.21.1+3.12.4 to php5.6-protobuf_1:3.12.4 because otherwise the new version would be lower than the old version.