Debian Contributions

Freexian strives to help Debian evolve into the leading Linux distribution. To achieve this, we fund work on projects to benefit Debian. These expenses are publicly documented in Freexian’s OpenCollective page. We also regularly document in our blog all the things that Freexian helped to make happen!

20% of Work Time to Contribute to Debian

Freexian collaborators can spend 20% of their work time on the Debian projects/tasks of their choice. Part-time contractors are paid 50 EUR/h for those hours.

Astute readers will have noticed that Freexian’s mission statement mentions a figure of 30% of collaborator’s work time toward helping Debian. The expectation is that Freexian itself, and their customers, will select projects that make up the remaining 10%.

Debian Project Funding

Freexian funds specific projects to improve Debian, through the Project Funding initiative. The funded projects can come from different sources:

  • Debian Contributors who need money to complete a specific project can apply for grants.
  • Debian teams can leverage Freexian’s project management capabilities and existing relationships with contributors to Debian in order to bring about improvements to Debian.
  • Freexian can decide to work towards a specific community-submitted project, paying one of its collaborators to complete it.


Freexian initiated debusine as a proposal to modernize parts of Debian’s packaging infrastructure (starting with package build daemons) and is committed to continuously invest resources to move this project forward.

Customer Sponsorship

Well aware of our deep investment in Debian, many of our customers are gladly sponsoring our work in Debian, including: