Freexian announces Extended LTS for Debian 9

Organizations that are still running Debian 9 servers should be aware that the security support of the Debian LTS team will end on June 30th 2022.

If upgrading to a newer Debian release is not an option for them, then they should consider subscribing to Freexian’s Extended LTS to get security support for the packages that they are using on their servers.

Support periods

It’s worth pointing out that we made some important changes to Freexian’s Extended LTS offering :

  • we are now willing to support each Debian release for up to 10 years (so 5 years of ELTS support after the 5 initial years), provided that we have customers willing to pay the required amount.
  • we have changed our pricing scheme so that we can announce up-front the (increasing) cost over the 5 years of ELTS
  • we have dropped the requirement to subscribe to the Debian LTS sponsorship, though it’s still a good idea to contribute to the funding of that project to ensure that one’s packages are properly monitored/maintained during the LTS period

This means that we have again extended the life of Debian 8 Jessie, this time until June 30th 2025. And that Debian 9 Stretch – that will start its “extended” life on July 1st 2022 – can be maintained up to June 30th 2027.

Organizations using Debian 10 should consider sponsoring the Debian LTS team since security support for that Debian release will soon transition from the regular security team to the LTS team.

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