Debian Contributions: PTS tracker, DebConf23 Bursary, and more!

Contributing to Debian is part of Freexian’s mission. This article covers the latest achievements of Freexian and their collaborators. All of this is made possible by organizations subscribing to our Long Term Support contracts and consulting services. work by Raphaël Hertzog

Raphaël spent some time during his vacation to update distro-tracker to be fully compatible with Django 3.2 so that the codebase and the whole testsuite can run on Debian 12. There’s one exception though with the functional test suite that still needs further work to cope with the latest version of Selenium.

By dropping support of Django 2.2, Raphaël could also start to work toward support of Django 4.2 since Django helpfully emits deprecation warnings of things that will break in future versions. All the warnings have been fixed but the codebase still fails its testsuite in Django 4.2 because we have to get rid of the python3-django-jsonfield dependency (that is rightfully dead upstream since Django has native support nowadays). All the JSONField have been converted to use Django’s native field, but the migration system still requires that dependency at this point.

This will require either some fresh reboot of the migration history, or some other trickery to erase the jsonfield dependency from the history of migrations. If you have experience with that, don’t hesitate to share it (mail at, or reach out to buxy on IRC).

At this point, runs with Django 3.2 on Debian 11 since Debian System Administrators are not yet ready to upgrade hosts to Debian 12.

DebConf 23 bursary work by Utkarsh Gupta

Utkarsh led the bursary team this year. The bursary team got a ton of requests this time. Rolling out the results in 4 batches, the bursary team catered over 165 bursary requests - which is superb!

The team managed to address all the requests and answered a bit over 120 emails in the process. With that, the bursaries are officially closed for DebConf 2023. The team also intends to roll out some of the statistics closer to DebConf.

Miscellaneous contributions

  • Stefano implemented meson support in pybuild, the tool for building Python packages in Debian against multiple Python versions.
  • Santiago did some work on Salsa CI to enhance the ARM support on the autopkgtest job and make Josch’s branch work. MR to come soon.
  • Helmut sent patches for 6 cross build failures.
  • Stefano has been preparing for DebConf 23: Working on the website, and assisting the local teams.
  • Stefano attended the DebConf Video team sprint in Paris, mostly looking at new hardware and software options for video capture and live-mixing. Full sprint report.

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