Monthly report about Debian Long Term Support, June 2022

Like each month, have a look at the work funded by Freexian’s Debian LTS offering.

Debian project funding

No any major updates on running projects. Two 1, 2 projects are in the pipeline now. Tryton project is in a review phase. Gradle projects is still fighting in work.

In June, we put aside 2254 EUR to fund Debian projects.

We’re looking forward to receive more projects from various Debian teams! Learn more about the rationale behind this initiative in this article.

Debian LTS contributors

In June, 15 contributors have been paid to work on Debian LTS, their reports are available:

  • Abhijith PA did 14.00h (out of 14.00h assigned).
  • Andreas Rönnquist did 14.50h (out of 14.50h assigned and 10.50h from previous period, thus carrying over 10.50h to the next month).
  • Anton Gladky did 16.00h (out of 16.00h assigned).
  • Ben Hutchings did 16.00h (out of 0.00h assigned and 16.00h from previous period).
  • Chris Lamb did 18.00h (out of 18.00h assigned).
  • Dominik George did 1.83h (out of 6.00h assigned and 18.00h from previous period, thus carrying over 22.17h to the next month).
  • Emilio Pozuelo Monfort did 30.25h (out of 9.25h assigned and 21.00h from previous period).
  • Enrico Zini did 8.00h (out of 9.50h assigned and 6.50h from previous period, thus carrying over 8.00h to the next month).
  • Markus Koschany did 30.25h (out of 30.25h assigned).
  • Ola Lundqvist did nothing (out of 12.00 available hours, thus carrying them over to the next month).
  • Roberto C. Sánchez did 27.50h (out of 11.75h assigned and 18.50h from previous period, thus carrying over 2.75h to the next month).
  • Stefano Rivera did 8.00h (out of 30.25h assigned, thus carrying over 20.75h to the next month).
  • Sylvain Beucler did 30.25h (out of 13.75h assigned and 16.50h from previous period).
  • Thorsten Alteholz did 30.25h (out of 30.25h assigned).
  • Utkarsh Gupta did not report back about their work so we assume they did nothing (out of 30.25 available hours, thus carrying them over to the next month).

Evolution of the situation

In June we released 27 DLAs.

This is a special month, where we have two releases (stretch and jessie) as ELTS and NO release as LTS. Buster is still handled by the security team and will probably be given in LTS hands at the beginning of the August. During this month we are updating the infrastructure, documentation and improve our internal processes to switch to a new release.

Many developers have just returned back from Debconf22, hold in Prizren, Kosovo! Many (E)LTS members could meet face-to-face and discuss some technical and social topics! Also LTS-BoF took place, where the project was introduced (link to video).

Thanks to our sponsors

Sponsors that joined recently are in bold. We are pleased to welcome AlterWay where their support of Debian is publicly acknowledged at the higher level, see this French quote of Alterway’s CEO.

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