Monthly report about Debian Long Term Support, August 2021

Like each month, have a look at the work funded by Freexian’s Debian LTS offering.

Debian project funding

In August, we put aside 2460 EUR to fund Debian projects. We received a new project proposal that got approved and there’s an associated bid request if you feel like proposing yourself to implement this project.

We’re looking forward to receive more projects from various Debian teams! Learn more about the rationale behind this initiative in this article.

Debian LTS contributors

In August, 14 contributors have been paid to work on Debian LTS, their reports are available:

  • Abhijith PA did 4.0h (out of 14h assigned and 5h from August), thus carrying over 15h to September.
  • Adrian Bunk did 11h (out of 23.75h assigned), thus carrying over 12.75h to September.
  • Anton Gladky did 12h (out of 12h assigned).
  • Ben Hutchings did 1.25h (out of 13.25h assigned and 6h from August), thus carrying over 18h to September.
  • Chris Lamb did 18h (out of 18h assigned).
  • Emilio Pozuelo Monfort did not report back about their work so we assume they did nothing (out of 23.75h assigned plus 50.75h from August), thus is carrying over 74.5h for September.
  • Holger Levsen did 3h (out of 12h assigned) to help coordinate the team, and gave back the remaining hours.
  • Lee Garrett did nothing (out of 23.75h assigned), thus is carrying over 23.75h for September.
  • Markus Koschany did 35h (out of 23.75h assigned and 30h from August), thus carrying over 18.75h to September.
  • Neil Williams did 24h (out of 23.75h assigned), thus anticipating 0.25h of October.
  • Roberto C. Sánchez did 22.25h (out of 23.75h assigned), thus carrying over 1.5h to September.
  • Sylvain Beucler did 21.5h (out of 23.75h assigned), thus carrying over 2.25h to September.
  • Thorsten Alteholz did 23.75h (out of 23.75h assigned).
  • Utkarsh Gupta did 23.75h (out of 23.75h assigned).

Evolution of the situation

In August we released 30 DLAs.

This is the first month of Jeremiah coordinating LTS contributors. We would like to thank Holger Levsen for his work on this role up to now.

Also, we would like to remark once again that we are constantly looking for new contributors. Please contact Jeremiah if you are interested!

The security tracker currently lists 73 packages with a known CVE and the dla-needed.txt file has 29 packages needing an update.

Thanks to our sponsors

Sponsors that joined recently are in bold.

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