Monthly report about Debian Long Term Support, March 2021

Like each month, have a look at the work funded by Freexian’s Debian LTS offering.

Debian project funding

In March, we put aside 3225 EUR to fund Debian projects but sadly nobody picked up anything, so this one of the many reasons Raphael posted as series of blog posts titled “Challenging times for Freexian”, posted in 4 author: Raphaël Hertzog parts on the last two days of March and the first two of April. [Part one, two, three and four]

So we’re still looking forward to receive more projects from various Debian teams! Learn more about the rationale behind this initiative in this article!

Debian LTS contributors

In March, 11 contributors have been paid to work on Debian LTS, their reports are available:

Evolution of the situation

In March we released 28 DLAs and held our second LTS team meeting for 2021 on IRC, with the next public IRC meeting coming up at the end of May.

At that meeting Holger announced that after 2.5 years he wanted to step back from his role helping Raphaël in coordinating/managing the LTS team. We would like to thank Holger for his continuous work on Debian LTS (which goes back to 2014) and are happy to report that we already found a successor which we will introduce in the upcoming April report from Freexian.

Finally, we would like to remark once again that we are constantly looking for new contributors. For a last time, please contact Holger if you are interested!

The security tracker currently lists 42 packages with a known CVE and the dla-needed.txt file has 28 packages needing an update.

We are also pleased to report that we got 4 new sponsors over the last 2 months : thanks to sipgate GmbH, OVH US LLC, Tilburg University and Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble !

Thanks to our sponsors

Sponsors that joined recently are in bold.

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