Debian Technical Assistance

E-mail support and remote administration

Buy one of our "Technical Assistance Packs" to benefit from Freexian's Debian expertise whenever you need it. Freexian can diagnose problems (level 3 support), resolve them remotely, carry out remote administration tasks or even provide advice for new projects.

Whenever Freexian intervenes, you can expand your knowledge and skills by asking our experts to explain what actions they have done.

Technical support is provided by e-mail. If necessary, SSH will be used to connect to your servers. In that case, Freexian will provide an SSH key to install in the account that Freexian will use.


Regular customers using more than 5 hours of technical assistance per month can be billed monthly at the rate of 90 EUR/hour (excluding VAT). Otherwise, you will need to buy one of the packs below:

The time spent is calculated in slots of 10 minutes and the packs are valid for one year from date of purchase.