ELA-846-2 openimageio regression update

armel binaries

May 4, 2023

ELA-846-1 openimageio security update

denial of service

May 3, 2023

ELA-845-1 linux-5.10 security update

linux kernel update

May 3, 2023

ELA-844-1 avahi security update

local Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability

May 2, 2023

ELA-842-1 tzdata new timezone database

updated timezone database

May 2, 2023

ELA-841-1 distro-info-data database update

Non-security-related database update

April 30, 2023

ELA-840-1 apache2 security update

Multiple vulnerabilities

April 30, 2023

ELA-838-1 redis security update

denial-of-service vulnerability

April 21, 2023

ELA-837-1 libxml2 security update

Multiple Vulnerabilities

April 20, 2023

ELA-836-1 protobuf security update

multiple vulnerabilities

April 19, 2023