ELA-295-1 rails security update

remote code execution

Related CVEs CVE-2020-8163 CVE-2020-15169


A code injection vulnerability in Rails would allow an attacker who
controlled the `locals` argument of a `render` call to perform a possible
remote code execution.


There is a potential Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Action
View's translation helpers. Views that allow the user to control the
default (not found) value of the `t` and `translate` helpers could be
susceptible to XSS attacks. When an HTML-unsafe string is passed as the
default for a missing translation key named html or ending in _html, the
default string is incorrectly marked as HTML-safe and not escaped.

For Debian 8 jessie, these problems have been fixed in version 2:4.1.8-1+deb8u8.

We recommend that you upgrade your rails packages.

Further information about Extended LTS security advisories can be found in the dedicated section of our website.