Debian Sponsorship Contracts

The Principle

Debian is an essential part of your IT system. You benefit freely from the work of thousands of contributors. Freexian invites you to contribute something back, in order to sustain Debian's developement and to ensure that it will continue to meet your needs.

By subscribing to a sponsorship contract, you fund the work of some Debian developers, and you get a privileged relationship with them. Indeed, the contract gives you access to a private mailing list where funded developers and representatives of the various companies are present. That way you can discuss your needs, share your experience with other companies using Debian, and communicate your ideas and suggestions to the developers that you fund.

At the moment, the money funds the work of Raphaël Hertzog but as the amount involved will increase, the service will be extended to other Debian developers.

Practical Arrangements

You can freely chose the amounts and the frequency of payment (quaterly, annually). However, in order to be part of the private mailing list, you must contribute at least 30 EUR (+ VAT) per month.

To estimate the amount to invest in Debian, you're invited to rate the value of software licenses that you saved by using Debian, and to reallocate a part of it over a period of 3 to 5 years (the average lifespan of a computer in a company).

SponsorMonthly contributionQuaterly paymentAnnual payment
Gold 1000 EUR 3000 EUR
12000 EUR
Silver 500 EUR 1500 EUR
6000 EUR
Bronze 200 EUR 600 EUR
2400 EUR
Copper 100 EUR 300 EUR
1200 EUR
Steel 50 EUR 150 EUR
600 EUR
Iron 30 EUR 90 EUR
360 EUR
Custom amount

For any question, or if you decided to subscribe to a sponsorship contract but can't use Paypal, please get in touch with us.


Although the aim of sponsorship contracts is to fund work time to Debian developers, these contracts are managed by Freexian and not by Software in the Public Interest (the legal entity representing the Debian project). This is a voluntary choice to avoid dissensions within the Debian project.