Raphaël Hertzog


Raphaël Hertzog is the founder of Freexian SARL and is its current manager.

Volunteer contributor to the Debian project since 1997, he was among the first French people who have joined the project. Over the years he contributed to many things, from the creation of the Package Tracking System to the maintenance of the Debian package manager (dpkg).

Raphaël is also the author of a French-language best-seller on Debian that shows in a clear and effective way how to best apprehend this fabulous distribution. The book is published by Eyrolles in the collection “Cahiers de l'Admin”.

He maintains a blog about free software (and Debian in particular) at RaphaelHertzog.com. You can follow him on his Facebook page, on Twitter or Identi.ca. He also manages a free newsletter.

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